Waterfalls in North Georgia

Waterfalls in North Georgia

Waterfalls in North Georgia

You’ll find as many as 125 waterfalls in North Georgia alone, making them a prominent feature of the region and a huge tourist attraction. Near the Glen-Ella Springs Inn in Habersham County are three waterfalls: Panther Creek Falls, Raper Creek Falls, and Shoals on Soquee River.

Panther Creek Falls – Visit the Panther Creek Recreation Area located 8 miles north of Hollywood between Clarkesville and Tallulah Falls to reach this waterfall. It may take 1.5 hours of moderate walking to reach the falls, and 2 hours to return to the parking area. Expect some rocky and steep terrain, but the hike is mostly flat and suitable for beginners.

Raper Creek Falls – No trail nor parking lots are available for this waterfall, and it is not an easy descent to reach the base of the falls. Drive down a very narrow gravel road and park when you hear the sound of the crashing water. Follow the steep trail and you should find the gorgeous Raper Creek Falls that will make the difficult journey worthwhile!

Shoals on Soquee River – Located in a private property, you may find the shoals on Soquee River behind the “Mark of the Potter”, 10 miles north of Clarkesville.

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