North Georgia Canopy Tours

Go zip lining and join any North Georgia canopy tour for a wonderful view and experience. Visit for more info.

North Georgia Zip Line

Have you ever wanted to fly? Really fly? Without the conventions of an airplane or the time consuming and expensive trappings of hang gliding? Are you a thrill seeker who desires to feel the wind in your face, hear the rumble of bubbling waters below, and smell clean mountain air? If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, zip lining may be just the activity for you!

According to, a zip line is, “… a cable suspended above an incline to which a pulley and harness are attached for a rider.” What that means is a rope is attached between two locations, often crossing a deep crevasse where there is a enough of a difference in altitude between the two points to create a decent incline. The rider is strapped into a secure harness which is then attached to a pulley on the rope. From the higher point, the rider steps off into the air and proceeds to fly over the landscape below. Speed is controlled by hand and the rider must wear thick leather gloves in order to grasp the rope above to slow down. There is also usually a hand brake near the pulley.

There are many places to enjoy zip lining in Georgia that are not far from our gracious Inn! Why not incorporate some adventure into your mountain retreat? The adrenaline rush from your flight across the mountains will make our lush beds, luxurious linens, and lavish baths seem even more serene in comparison.

Here are a few nearby places to go zip lining in Georgia:

Sunburst Adventures – Located nearby in our hometown, this series of 12 zip lines is perfect for all ages and ability levels. Just 35 minutes down the road, this area attraction also has a twilight zip line option! 3181 Hwy 255, Clarkesville, GA 30523

ZipNTime – For a mixture of intriguing history and screaming fun, head to Helen, Georgia which is approximately 40 minutes from our door. At ZipNTime, they’ll teach you all about the early moonshiners and gold miners that once inhabited our hills. 7019 S. Main St., Helen, GA 30545

North Georgia Canopy Tours – For small groups who wish to have professional pictures and video made of their sky-bound adventure, this is the place for you! For an extra fee, a photographer/ videographer will accompany you on your airborne trek to document your aerial prowess! Relive the thrill again and again! Just 45 minutes from the Inn, North Georgia Canopy tours is located at 5290 Harris Road, Lula, GA 30554.

Blue Ridge Zip Line Canopy Tours – This massive zip line system encompasses, “13 zips (6000 total feet),12 canopy decks (20-65 feet high), 3 sky bridges, 2 towers (35 and 75 feet high), and 250-1000 foot zips” ( Nestled in Lula, Georgia, North Georgia Canopy Tours is approximately 2 hours away from Glen-Ella Springs Inn. Old Cashes Valley Road, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

After careening, “carabining”, and catapulting through the North Georgia Mountains, recoup and relax in front of one our fireplaces or out on one of our many porches. Glen-Ella Springs Inn is close to many activities and is a welcoming oasis after a day of zip lining in Georgia!