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Georgia Mountain Getaways

Plan the Best Georgia Mountain Getaways

Are you ready to take a break from your busy everyday life and truly relax? If the answer to that question is “yes,” then Georgia Mountain getaways may just be calling your name. There is no better place than the North Georgia Mountains for a trip full of both activity and down time. You can […]

Asheville to Atlanta

Asheville to Atlanta is a Beautiful Drive

Sometimes one of the best parts about a vacation is the journey to your destination. This is true of the trip from Asheville to Atlanta. Rather than joining hundreds of other cars on crowded interstates, why not take the road less traveled and take in the beautiful scenery as you pass through. It is more […]

Georgia Mountain Fair

Experience the Line-up at the Georgia Mountain Fair

There is so much to love about the North Georgia Mountains in the summer. The weather is perfect for partaking in your favorite outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, zip lining, or viewing the area’s many waterfalls. Another reason to look forward to the summer in the region is the Georgia Mountain Fair. Each year […]

Chattooga River Rafting

Chattooga River Rafting is a Blast

Are you looking for a bit of an adventure during your next visit to the North Georgia Mountains? Well, you’re in luck! Chattooga River rafting is the ideal way to get your thrills while still being able to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings provided by the mountains. The Chattooga River is one of the wildest rivers […]

Things to Do in Clayton GA

Outdoorsy Things to Do in Clayton, GA

We here at Glen-Ella Springs are glad that summer is almost underway so we can take advantage of the great outdoor activities available in the North Georgia Mountains. Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and wildlife viewing are all calling our name. If you like being outside as much as we do, then you should explore Clarkesville’s […]

Romantic Getaways In Georgia

Romantic Getaways in Georgia are What We Do!

Are you and your partner due for some relaxing alone time? Maybe it’s time to get away from it all and have a romantic trip with just the two of you. Glen-Ella Springs in the North Georgia Mountains is the perfect destination for romantic getaways in Georgia. Not only is the inn close to many […]

Lake Rabun GA

A Guide to Fishing Lake Rabun, GA

Summer in the North Georgia Mountains brings with it a myriad of wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. There are many places to explore, whether you want to hike Tallulah Gorge or going on a zip line adventure.  Another place you might want to think about visiting is Lake Rabun, GA. Located in Lakemont, Lake […]

Waterfalls in North Georgia

6 Amazingly Beautiful Waterfalls in North Georgia

There’s something truly special about the North  Georgia Mountains.  The unique beauty of the Blue Ridge range and the forested slopes are enchanting and beautiful. Part of the signature beauty of the North Georgia Mountains is in the region’s many waterfalls. Waterfalls in North Georgia make for great hiking destinations as well as just being […]

Tallulah Gorge hiking trails

Tallulah Gorge Hiking Trails: Our Guide

One of the great things about being in the North Georgia Mountains is that it seems like the opportunities for exploration and discovery are limitless. Even when you visit somewhere you’ve been before, you can find something new to enjoy about it. One place that we never tire of visiting is Tallulah Gorge State Park. […]

North Georgia Zip Line

Ride a North Georgia Zip Line

Something about the North Georgia Mountains brings out the adventurous side in people. Maybe it’s the beautiful surroundings that beckon visitors to go explore or the fresh mountain air that invigorates the spirit.  One good way to get a thrill while staying at Glen-Ella Springs is to try a North Georgia Zip Line.  This activity […]

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