4 Reasons Hiking Tallulah Gorge Should Be On Your Bucket List

Hiking Tallulah GorgeAs you may already be aware, the North Georgia Mountains are the ideal getaway destination for those who love experiencing the great outdoors.  There are numerous places to explore and discover the beauty of the place we at Glen-Ella Springs call home. One of the most popular spots for people to hike, bike, and just enjoy the lovely surroundings is Tallulah Gorge.  This stunning gorge was created by the Tallulah River cutting through the Tallulah Dome Rock, and has been a big attraction due to the natural beauty of the setting as well as the range of activities one can participate. Adding to the wonder of the gorge is Tallulah Falls, a series of six falls that have a total trop of 490 feet. If you want to experience fantastic hiking in an unparalleled setting, then you should consider hiking Tallulah Gorge at least once. Here are four reasons you should put hiking Tallulah Gorge on your bucket list.

1. The Gorge Floor

One of the reasons that hiking Tallulah Gorge is so popular is the unique opportunity to hike on the gorge floor. Tallulah Gorge State Park gives visitors access to the gorge floor so they can experience a new view of the gorge and its surroundings.  The floor is accessible via the Hurrican Falls Staircase, which consists of about 600 metal steps.  Only hikers are allowed on the trail (no bikes or pets) and a permit must be obtained from the Interpretive Center and proper footwear is a must.  The Gorge Floor Trail is very difficult, but definitely worth the effort of climbing the rocks and boulders, both for the experience and for the unique views of the gorge.

2. The Rim Trails

The Gorge Floor Trail is fantastic for those looking for a challenge when hiking Tallulah Gorge. However, if you’re not ready to take that on, you can take advantage of a number of other trails in the park.  The North Rim Trail and the South Rim Trail will take hikers around the perimeter of the gorge.  Together, the trails are 3 miles round trip.  These trails afford hikers views of the different individual falls that make up Tallulah Falls including Oceana Falls, Bridal Vail Falls, L’Eau d’Or Falls, Hurricane Falls, and Tempesta Falls.

3. Mountain Biking and Multi-Use Trails

Along with the great trails that are only suitable for hikers, there are other trails that are open for visitors who want to try hiking Tallulah Gorge with pets or take to the trails on a mountain bike rather than hiking.  These trails include Stoneplace Trail, High Bluff Trail, and the Shortline Trail.

4. You can Stay at Glen-Ella Springs!

Call us biased, but one of the reasons you should plan any activity in the North Georgia Mountains, including hiking Tallulah Gorge, is that you’ll have the opportunity to stay at Glen-Ella Springs.  Our Clarkesville bed and breakfast will quickly become one of the hallmarks of your getaway to the area.  Our accommodations are elegantly rustic and have all the modern amenities and conveniences that you want in a home-away-from-home.  And our onsite Restaurant offers innovative fine dining in a welcoming atmosphere.  We know you’ll have the best experience possible in the North Georgia Mountains when you choose to stay with us.  We’ll see you soon!


Photo: Maridav/iStock/Thinkstock