North Georgia Hiking is the Best Way to Explore Nature

enjoy hiking in North GeorgiaThe Southern Appalachians in North Georgia are brimming with stunning views, cascading waterfalls, and lively habitats for native creatures. A trip to Clarkesville isn’t complete without immersing yourself in this masterpiece of nature that surrounds the region, and there are many different ways to explore it. One of the most popular outdoor excursions is embarking upon one of our North Georgia hiking trails, and out of all of them, we have the best ones for you to try.

Best North Georgia Hiking Trails

Appalachian Trail to Long Creek Falls (1.9 miles): As part of the Appalachian Trail, you can follow in the footsteps of many historic pioneers as you trek through Chattahoochee National Forest. You will hike alongside Long Creek as it carves its way over a colorfully-graveled creek bed and leads you to Long Creek falls, a gorgeous cascade that runs underneath the forest’s lush canopy.

Raven Cliffs Trail (4.9 miles): Also located in Chattahoochee National Forest, this very popular hiking trails leads to one of Georgia’s most stunning cascades, Raven Cliff Falls, which flows right in between an enormous rock formation in the middle of the mountains. The rushing stream and shaded forest ground makes for a fairly cool and enjoyable hike even in the dead heat of summer. If you wanted to try North Georgia camping, this is one of the best places to rough it with streamside campsites that provide peace and solitude.

Yonah Mountain Trail (4.4 miles): If you seek stunning mountain views over waterfalls, this is definitely the trail for you! Starting at the base of the mountain, hikers will peak their way up the side towards the summit where they will be greeted by sweeping views of the mountains and valleys below. It is a bit of a strenuous hike since most of it exists on an incline, so it is not recommended for beginner hikers, but the view from the top is worth it!

Woody Gap to Preachers Rock Trail (11.6 miles): Departing from Woody Gap just North of Dahlonega, this is one of the best North Georgia hiking trails because of its moderately easy level, a rarity amongst longer trails. The trail crests at Preachers Rock near the summit of Big Cedar Mountain and opens into amazing views of rolling hills and open valleys. From here, you may choose to head back to Woody Gap or continue down the trail into the wilderness and travel northbound towards Blood Mountain. It’s a North Georgia hiking experience you can cater to your own skill and adventurous levels.

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