How to Experience Tallulah Gorge Hiking to the Fullest

Tallulah Gorge HikingThe Tallulah Gorge State Park is truly a hidden paradise like no other.  Overflowing with breathtaking natural beauty, this gem of the North Georgia mountains contains shimmering waterfalls, dazzling overlooks, and peaceful streams.  If you’re an avid outdoorsman looking for a new challenge, Tallulah Gorge hiking is the ideal activity for you.  There are numerous trails for you to explore here, each with more wonders than the one before.  Take a look at some of the best trails for Tallulah Gorge hiking and start planning the adventure of a lifetime today!

5 of the Best Trails for Tallulah Gorge Hiking

1. Tallulah Gorge Loop Trail

A trail of moderate difficulty, the Tallulah Gorge Loop Trail is one of the most beloved hiking trails here because it crosses over a narrow suspension bridge that offers spectacular views of the gorge below.  You’ll be able to see numerous waterfalls along the way as well.  This trail totals 2.5 miles in length, which makes it a great afternoon hike.  

2. Tallulah Gorge Sliding Rock Trail

If you’re interested in hiking the Tallulah Gorge floor, the Sliding Rock Trail is the right trail for you.  This is a more challenging trail that descends to the distant floor of the gorge by way of a steep and boulder-filled path.  Once you make your way to the bottom, you’ll be treated to incredible views of the Bridal Veil Falls as well as refreshing, crystal-clear pools.  The length of this trail totals 3.4 miles and requires a permit to access the gorge floor, which you can obtain at the Interpretive Center.  

3. Hurricane Falls Loop Trail

Perhaps the reason why the Hurricane Falls Loop Trail is the most popular trail of the Tallulah Gorge State Park is its many stunning overlooks of the surrounding beauty.  Enjoy ten scenic viewing areas where you can sights of the magnificent gorge, the many waterfalls, and numerous streams.  This trail is 2.25 miles and ranges somewhere in between a moderate to advanced level of difficulty.  

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Photo by Sean Pavone / Thinkstock