Here Are Some North Georgia Waterfalls You Need to See!

Here at Glen-Ella Springs, we know that the North Georgia Mountains area special place. That’s why we love calling it home! There are so many wonderful and unique things to see and do near our Clarkesville inn and there’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing our favorite activities with our guests. Part of the beauty of our region is the abundance of rivers, streams, forests, and waterfalls. In particular, North Georgia waterfalls are fantastic places to visit and explore.  Along with the natural beauty of the falls themselves, the surrounding areas are often the ideal place for hiking, wildlife observation, or simply taking the time to appreciate the wonders of the outdoors. When you come to Glen-Ella Springs for your next getaway, be sure you see these North Georgia waterfalls.

5 of the Best North Georgia Waterfalls to Visit

1. Amicalola Falls

Located in Dawson County, Amicalola Falls is definitely one of the North Georgia waterfalls you should make sure to see. Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Georgia at 729 feet. The name of Amicalola Falls was derived for the Cherokee word meaning “tumbling waters,” which is an accurate description of the falls. The falls, which are located within Amicalola Falls State Park, are considered to be among the “Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia.”

2. Panther Falls & Angel Falls

These two falls are located in Rabun County along the Angel Falls Trail. The first of the falls is Panther Falls followed by Angel Falls. Both falls are about 50 feet high and they are a part of Joe Branch Creek. The trail, which originates at the Rabun Beach Camping Area, is about a mile one way and is moderately strenuous.

3. Tallulah Falls

Located in Tallulah Gorge State Park, Tallulah Falls is actually a series of six waterfalls. The total drop of the falls is 490 feet, which takes place over the course of one mile. The names of the individual falls are: l’Eau d’Or, Tempesta, Hurricane, Oceana, Bridal Veil, and Lovers Leap. Tallulah Gorge is another of the “Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia.”

4. Toccoa Falls

One of the tallest free-falling waterfalls in the Eastern half of the US, Toccoa Falls has a vertical dropp of 186 feet. The falls are located in Stephens County, Georgia.  This North Georgia waterfall was aptly named, as the word “toccoa” is the Cherokee word for “beautiful.”

5. Minnehaha Falls

Just minutes away from our inn is the beautiful Minnehaha Falls! This waterfall is off the beaten path and practically hidden from sight, so ask someone at our front desk at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn for directions. You’ll love its secluded environment and the peaceful sounds of nature!

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Photo: kellyvandellen/iStock/Thinkstock