Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Tallulah Gorge Hiking Trails

In the North Georgia Mountains, the opportunities for exploration and discovery are limitless. Even when you come back and visit a trail, waterfall, or lake you’ve been to before, you’re sure to notice something new and special about it. One place we never tire of visiting is Tallulah Gorge State Park. This park’s namesake gorge and waterfall demand several visits themselves, but the hiking trails here are especially known for keeping visitors excited time after time. We’ve compiled some of the best trails to take on at this breathtaking park.

Tallulah Gorge State Park features a variety of trails of differing difficulties and distances, so it is a great choice for outdoor adventuring near Clarkesville, Georgia. There are plenty of other amazing options in the area, though, so be sure to download our complimentary North Georgia Vacation Guide! In it, you’ll find hand-picked suggestions for the best local hiking, biking, dining, shopping, and more. Get yours today and start planning your next mountain getaway!

The Best Tallulah Gorge Hiking Trails

Stoneplace Trail

The moderately difficult Stoneplace Trail in Tallulah Gorge State Park requires a permit to access, but is nonetheless a great option for experienced climbers (the trail is 10 miles round trip). Mountain bikers are also allowed on this stretch. Once on the trail, look for the old road bed and get a sense of North Georgia’s rich history!

North Rim Trail

The North Rim Trail is three-fourths of a mile long and provides hikers with the best southern view of Tallulah Gorge. Several scenic overlooks along the trail offer breathtaking views of Oceania Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, L’Eau d’Or Falls, Tempesta Falls, and Hawthorn Cascade. If you’re looking for a short, relatively easy hike with rewarding scenery, the North Rim Trail is a perfect choice.

Gorge Floor Trail

For the seasoned hiker with a thirst for adventure, the Gorge Floor trail is a great choice. It’s known for being difficult to conquer, and permits must be obtained to access the rocky gorge floor after which it is named. The hike may be strenuous, but the stunning sights that pepper the journey are worth the trouble. The entirety of this trip is two and a half miles, but prepare to allot an entire day to this excursion. Instead of walking on soil, you’ll be traversing rocks and boulders.

Hurricane Falls Loop Trail

Looking for a physical challenge, but don’t want to grapple your way over jagged earth? The Hurricane Falls Loop Trail is only two miles round-trip, but considered difficult. If you prefer groomed pathways, this loop is a good choice. Instead of roughing it on soil and through brush, you’ll climb 1,099 stairs to the summit.

Shortline Trail

The Shortline rail trail is a multi-use path that stretches for three miles. Visitors love the Shortline Trail because of its easy and accessible nature. Hikers, bikers, and skaters can all use this trail’s paved pathways.

Where to Stay When Taking on Tallulah Gorge Hiking Trails

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