What to Know about North Georgia Fly Fishing Season

North Georgia Fly FishingThe North Georgia Mountains have so much to offer those who treasure time in the outdoors.  There is superb hiking at Talullah Gorge and many treks to see the area’s numerous waterfalls.  One of our favorite outdoor activities at Glen-Ella Springs is North Georgia fly fishing. There’s nothing better than casting a line in the Soque River and hooking that perfect trout. When you partake in North Georgia fly fishing, you’ll be able to catch some of the biggest trout around!

About North Georgia Fly Fishing Season

North Georgia fly fishing is a fantastic experience for both skilled fishermen and beginners alike.  One of the best places for North Georgia fly fishing is the Soque River in Habersham County.  Surrounded by Chattahoochee National Forest, the waters of the Soque span nearly 30 miles and flow through the heart of Clarkesville before emptying into the Chattahoochee River.  The Soque River is made up of several sub-basins including: the Headwaters, Raper Creek, Shoal Creek, Deep Creek, Hazel Creek, Beaverdam Creek, and Yellow Bank Creek.  Soque River fishing guides are able to navigate these parts of the river to show you the best places to catch some of the largest trout in the state of Georgia. Those who embark on North Georgia fly fishing adventures on the Soque can expect to catch a variety of trout including Rainbow, Brown, and Brook. The Soque is known for producing numerous trophy trout as the fish population is abundant.

North Georgia Fly Fishing Outfitters and Guides

There are many outfitters who can assist those looking to enjoy some North Georgia fly fishing. Glen-Ella is proud to be affiliated with Brigadoon Lodge a few miles away from us in North Clarkesville.  Some other places we recommend to guests include Unicoi Outfitters in Helen, Blackhawk Fly Fishing in Clarkesville, and Fern Valley on the Soque in Clarkesville. Employing a guide is the best way to assure that your North Georgia fly fishing trip is successful, as they are experts on the river and how to catch trout. These men and women will help you find that trophy trout you’ve always dreamed of with their knowledge of the area.  And you’ll probably be able to hear a few fishing tales and stories about the river if you’re lucky!

Where to Stay During North Georgia Fly Fishing Trips

When planning a North Georgia fly fishing adventure, make sure to book a stay at Glen-Ella Springs in Clarkesville.  Our inn has rooms and suites that combine rustic elegance with luxurious amenities that will keep you in the utmost comfort during your time in the North Georgia Mountains.  Imagine a fun day out on the river hauling in big catches and then coming back to Glen-Ella Springs for a night of rest and relaxation.  And to add to the allure of our Clarkesville property, we also have an onsite Restaurant that offers some of the best fine dining in the area.  Treat yourself to innovative dishes that reinvent old favorites and discover new flavors as well. WE know that you’ll have the best possible experience in the North Georgia Mountains when you let Glen-Ella Springs be a part of your experience. We’ll see you soon!

Fly Fishing is just one of the many great outdoor activities in North Georgia. To learn about more download our free vacation guide today!

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