4 Exciting North Georgia Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking is the ultimate adventure to enjoy in North Georgia! With thrilling descents and breathtaking views, these trails are truly some of the best in the country. There are several North Georgia mountain biking trails in the area surrounding Glen-Ella Springs that are worth checking out. With the trails being of varying difficulty and length, most bikers will find a trail suitable for their needs. Next time you’re in the area, grab a bike and hit these North Georgia mountain biking trails!

4 Great North Georgia Mountain Biking Trails

There are several great North Georgia mountain biking trails right around the corner from Glen-Ella Springs Inn! They all offer different challenges, but you can be sure that you’ll have a great ride on all of them. Plus, the beauty of the surroundings is always breathtaking.

1. Shortline Trail

The Shortline trail is a flat, multi-use trail located within Tallulah Gorge State Park. It is paved and offers an easy ride for fat tire cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians. This three-mile trail is a fantastic choice for a leisurely stroll through the surrounding wilderness!

2. Stoneplace Trail

One of three North Georgia mountain biking trails in Tallulah Gorge State Park, Stoneplace Trail is about ten miles round trip. It can be extended to about 15 miles if you add the High Bluff Loop to this one. The trail is rated moderate to difficult and is made up of rocky and compacted red dirt.

3. High Bluff Trail

This is another trail in Tallulah Gorge State Park, rated moderate in difficulty. The trail is made of compacted red dirt. The High Bluff Trail can be taken in addition to the Stoneplace Trail to form a 15-mile round trip ride.

4. Stonewall Falls Loop & The White Twister

The Stonewall Falls Loop and White Twister trails are just a short drive away from Glen-Ella Springs Inn near Tiger, Georgia. The Stonewall Falls Loop is a single-track trail that’s about eleven miles long. It’s a challenging course, but also a rewarding journey! There are optional exits for those who would rather complete only part of the trail. On this route, you might even spot wildlife like squirrels, grouse, deer, bobcats, or even bears. The trail is at an elevation of 2,011 feet.

The White Twister trail is a local favorite and is located near the beautiful Tallulah Gorge. The trail is only four miles long but offers plenty of challenge and excitement. As the name suggests, this trail twists and turns through forested valleys. Be prepared for a rigorous and steep climb; you’ll ascend a total of 532 feet. It’s important to note that the White Twister is for experienced cyclists only!

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