How to Prepare for the Best Soque River Fishing

Soque River FishingThe North Georgia Mountains are a wonderful place full of amazing opportunities for top-notch outdoor recreation all year long.  It’s part of what makes us at Glen-Ella Springs love our home so much. One popular pastime for guests to participate in is Soque River fishing.  Both experienced anglers and newcomers love fly fishing for trout on the Soque.  And with a variety of streams and popular fishing spots nearby, our Clarkesville inn is the perfect home base for a fishing adventure.  You can spend the day out on the river and then come back to relax in comfort at Glen-Ella Springs. Many fishing outfitters around the area offer both classes on fly fishing as well as guide services, so you’re more likely to make a big catch than if you’d gone out on your own.  If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for amazing fishing in a beautiful setting, then look no further than the North Georgia Mountains for some Soque River fishing.

About the Soque River

The Soque River is located in Habersham County and is a tributary of the larger Chattahoochee River.  The Soque River Waterhshed is 28.5 miles long and is made up of seven watershed sub-basins. These sub-basins are: the Headwaters, Raper Creek, Shoal Creek, Deep Creek, Hazel Creek, Beaverdam Creek, and Yellow Bank Creek.  Soque River fishing guides are able to navigate these parts of the river to show you the best places to catch some of the largest trout in the state of Georgia.

About Soque River Fishing

Fishing on the Soque River is notable due to the popularity of fly fishing for trout.  The fish in the river include brown trout and rainbow trout perfect for trophy fishing. The fish are on average between three and twelve pounds but bigger catches can be found on occasion.  Most outfitters practice catch and release fishing, making Soque River fishing more accessible and the fish stay plentiful. For all the Soque River fishing regulations, visit the Georgia DNR website.

Soque River Fishing Outfitters

There are many outfitters who cater to those interested in fly fishing on the Soque. Glen-Ella is fortunate to be affiliated with Brigadoon Lodge a few miles away from us in North Clarkesville.  Some of our other favorite places to recommend to guests include Unicoi Outfitters in Helen, Blackhawk Fly Fishing in Clarkesville, and Fern Valley on the Soque in Clarkesville.

Where to Stay During a Soque River Fishing Trip

While you’re planning your Soque River fishing adventure, don’t forget to book your stay at Glen-Ella Springs. Our Clarkesville, GA Inn is the perfect North Georgia Mountain getaway with relaxing accommodations and a beautifully rustic setting.  Our rooms and suites feature comfortable furnishings, private bathrooms, and luxurious amenities like custom milled bath products, spa-inspired robes, 600 thread count sheets, sound machines, and more. And after a day on the river working up an appetite, our Restaurant will satisfy your cravings for innovative and delicious cuisine.  The restaurant is open most evenings, and each morning you’ll enjoy a full breakfast featuring dishes like our Blueberry Pancakes or Two Cheese Strata.  When you choose Glen-Ella Springs, you’ll have an amazing experience in the North Georgia Mountains.  We can’t wait to have you with us soon!

Photo credit: Sandra Cunningham/Hemera/Thinkstock