Glen-Ella Springs joins a rapidly growing network of resorts including more than 160 other Select Registry properties throughout the U.S. to offer the added amenity of the Tesla charging station as well as a Universal charging station and power source.

A New Tesla Charging Station in the North Georgia Mountains

Tesla and other electric car owners may have hesitated making a trip to the mountains in the past, but now can experience the North Georgia mountains without concern of available charging outlets. Model S owners can drive all day, charging for 30-40 minutes at Superchargers and then stop to stay at Glen-Ella Springs, or other quality-assured Select Registry properties that have installed Tesla High Power Connectors. Tesla’s High Power Wall Connectors add 58 miles of range per hour, topping off Models full 265 miles of range in just a few hours on a single charge.


Be sure to book a room soon here at Glen-Ella Springs Inn and take advantage of our newly installed charging station!

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