How to Have a Blast Chattooga River Rafting!

Are you looking for a bit of an adventure during your next visit to the North Georgia Mountains? Well, you’re in luck! Chattooga River rafting is the ideal way to get your thrills while still being able to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings provided by the mountains. The Chattooga River is one of the wildest rivers in the east, so you can be sure that you’ll have great fun navigating the rapids. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rafter, ¬†Chattooga River rafting is an activity that will exhilarate you and create wonderful memories of your time in the North Georgia Mountains.

Chattooga River Rafting

There are two outfitters nearby that we recommend for Chattooga River rafting:

1. Wildwater Limited

Wildwater Limited is a great place to go for Chattooga River rafting. They have expertly trained guides that will take you down the wild rapids of the river safely. There are three Chattooga River rafting day trips offered by Wildwater Limited. First is the Chattooga river Mini Trip. This is the best trip for inexperienced rafters and others wanting to spend just half a day rafting. The Section III Trip is also good for novices¬†but is longer than the Mini Trip. The trip goes through Section III of the river, which features mostly Class II and III rapids, with difficulty increasing as you go. But as you go along, you’ll get into the swing of things and welcome the new challenges. The trip culminates with Bull Sluice, which drops 14 feet over two drops. The Section IV Trip starts where the Section III trip ends. If you have previous experience with rafting, then this trip will be perfect for you. You’ll navigate what is known as the Five Falls: Entrance, Corkscrew, Crack-In-the-Rock, Jawbone, and Sock-Em Dog. ¬†The Wildwater Limited campus also has a volleyball court, horseshoes, and other games if you want to get in some extra recreation before or after your trip.

2. Southeastern Expeditions

With Southeastern Expeditions, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from two Chattooga River rafting experiences. ¬†The Wild Section III trip takes you down Section III of the river and is great for those who want a shorter trip. The Wilder Section IV trip takes you over some of the wildest rapids east of the Mississippi River and you’ll have a great time navigating them with your trained guide. You’ll experience challenging rapids that all lead up to the Five Falls. This trip is perfect if you’re a thrill seeker. The Section III trip takes six hours while the Section IV trip takes seven hours. ¬†This company also offers an option for Chattooga River kayaking, which is another beloved activity here.

Where to Stay When Chattooga River Rafting

When you’re deciding which Chattooga River rafting adventure to partake in, be sure to book your stay at Glen-Ella Springs. Our Clarkesville inn is the ideal place to relax and refresh during your time in the North Georgia Mountains. We have rustically elegant rooms and suites that will keep you in the utmost comfort, so you can be rested and ready for whatever you have planned during your trip. Our property is the ideal place for a North Georgia getaway, with our own onsite restaurant that offers guests delicious meals prepared with farm-to-table ingredients. At Glen-Ella Springs, it’s more than just a stay, it’s an experience!