Sunburst Stables is a Must-See in Clarkesville

Don’t let the name Sunburst Stables fool you. While Sunburst Stables does have more than 30 years experience offering family-friendly horseback riding adventures, they also have so much more to offer you and your family on your North Georgia Mountains vacation. Zip line tours span the 114 acres of Sunburst Stables and are suitable for nearly all ages. Guided ATV tours and the unique experience of flyboarding are also available at Sunburst Stables. Sunburst Stables has a cost-effective activity for everyone in your family! For more information about horseback rides, zip lining, ATV tours and flyboarding offered at Sunburst Stables, read on.

Horseback Rides

Sunburst Stables offers guided trail rides into the Chattahoochee National Forest for all ages 3 years and older and all experience levels. Ride on beautiful mountain trails with your entire family! Riders 7 years and older can ride on their own horse while riders under 7 years double up with a parent. Choose from a 4-Hour Lunch Ride, 3-Hour Sunset Ride, 2.5-Hour Family Adventure Ride, 2-Hour Mountain Ride or 1-Hour Moonshine Ride. Your speed is determined by your experienced and friendly trail guide.

Zip Lining

Everyone zips together at Sunburst Stables! There are 12 zip lines hung throughout the trees beckoning your family to adventure. Sunburst Stables has the only zip line in Georgia with a cave zip, 1200-foot line and multiple 1000-foot lines. Sunburst Stables is also the only zip line company that offers a twilight zip line tour. Soar through the cables at night and admire the lighted course shining through the trees. Zip lining at Sunburst Stables is a safe, fun and exciting adventure for you to enjoy with your family.

ATV Tours

An amazing 4-wheeled adventure awaits you and your family at Sunburst Stables. There are 4 miles of mountain roads to explore on two guided mountain ATV tours. The 1.5-Hour Adventure Tour loops around the Sunburst Stables farm where riders will see a gold mine and mini animal farm and get to drive through a cave. The 2-Hour Ultimate ATV Tour takes riders through the mountains to a 30-foot tower overlooking Batesville and also includes lunch, a visit to the miniature animal farm and a trip through the gold mine. Visit for information on age requirements for ATV drivers and riders.


Sunburst Stables is the place in Clarkesville to experience the new extreme water sport called flyboarding! Combining swimming and flying, flyboarders levitate above Sunburst Stables’ private, onsite pond from the power of a personal jetpack and attached jet ski. To the amazement of your family, the professional staff at Sunburst Stables will have you flying like Iron Man and swimming like a dolphin in no time!

There is so much to experience at Sunburst Stables, it’s hard to choose just one adventure. Try to fit multiple activities into one day with a Sunburst Stables combo package, or plan a multi-day vacation with overnight accommodations at Glen-Ella Springs! Our rooms and suites are designed for your comfort so you can relax and recoup for your adventures at Sunburst Stables the next day. You will be the hero of your family when you tell them about your plans to visit Sunburst Stables and Glen-Ella Springs in Clarkesville, GA!