A Victorian Christmas at Hardman Farm State Historic Site

horses in a pasture like those at the Hardman Farm State Historic Site in the North Georgia Mountains

There are plenty of wonderful things to do in the scenic North Georgia Mountains this winter, but one thing may not yet be on your radar. The Hardman Farm State Historic Site, just 30 minutes from our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast near Helen, is a charming place to visit in the winter. Not only […]

Where to Find All the Best Historic Places in North Georgia

Historic Places in North Georgia 

North Georgia is a year-round destination for outdoor recreation and adventure. If you are a history and culture enthusiast, a trip to the North Georgia Mountains is an ideal vacation for you. There’s a vast array of historic places in North Georgia, and they’re waiting to be explored by you. Read on and get ready […]

What You’ll See at the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City

What You'll See at the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City 6

Present-day Appalachia is a truly incredible place. Rugged wilderness surrounds, but you’re never far from the modern comforts on which you’ve come to rely. Have you ever wondered what life was like here before these amenities existed? You’ll experience this way of life first-hand at the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, Georgia! We’ve compiled everything […]

Explore Some of the Best Historic Towns in Georgia

The state of Georgia has some of the richest history in the entire country. Founded all the way back in the year 1732, it was one of the original thirteen colonies and has retained many of its important places and landmarks throughout the years. There are numerous historic towns in Georgia that are still a […]

What You Need to Know about the Folk Pottery Museum in Northeast Georgia

Pottery is such a beautiful and delicate art form; the expertise, patience, and precision required to create this certain product make it all the more attractive and valuable.  The Folk Pottery Museum in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia, is one establishment that is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the finest pottery pieces, both modern and antique.  In addition […]