Hike to Anna Ruby Falls + More This Summer

Though there are plenty of gorgeous waterfalls in North Georgia, one of our favorites is a short drive away in the charming German-inspired town of Helen. Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls is a rewarding experience, especially when surrounded by the lush greenery of summer. As the snowpack melts off this spring and summer, you’ll find the dual cascades of Anna Ruby Falls tumbling beautifully down into Smith Creek.

Anna Ruby Falls is one of our favorite waterfall hikes to take in the summer, as the cool mist is refreshing on a hot day. The trail to Anna Ruby Falls is generally rated as easy to moderate, too, which means it’s accessible for various hikers. This is just one of many great hikes in the area, too. The area is brimming with towering cascades and babbling brooks – each presenting a unique opportunity to enjoy a hike or picturesque roadside view. From the majestic Amicalola Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the Southeast, to the secluded Raven Cliff Falls, you won’t be disappointed by the waterfalls in North Georgia. 

Of course, these thundering attractions are just the start of great things to do in North Georgia this spring, summer, and fall. The area is perfect for all types of outdoor adventures and brimming with abundant natural beauty. North Georgia is the ideal place to basque in tranquility, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. A getaway to our charming mountain Inn offers a wonderful counterbalance to our otherwise busy, harried day-to-days, and our exceedingly romantic accommodations offer the perfect respite for couples who need some dedicated time away. 

With warm hospitality, gourmet breakfasts and dinners, and well-appointed accommodations, we look forward to welcoming you to our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast. It’s time to discover the best this area has to offer. Book your room today! 

Fall colors at Anna Ruby Falls near our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast

Hike to Anna Ruby Falls Near Helen, Georgia

Though there are plenty of fantastic waterfalls in North Georgia to visit while you’re in the area – including the stunning Hurricane Falls in Tallulah Gorge State Park – Anna Ruby Falls is arguably one of the most popular. It’s located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, about 45 minutes from our Inn. It’s actually a twin waterfall, formed as two creeks come tumbling together over a towering cliff to Smith Creek at the base. As the creeks come together, they tumble down a dramatic height of 153 feet into a beautiful basin below. 

As gorgeous as the twin waterfall is, the setting of Anna Ruby Falls is almost as much of a draw to the area. The waterfall is accessed by a short and easy sub-one-mile hike on a paved trail. The trail is a relatively easy walk, though it is slightly uphill. It’s built for accessibility, making it an excellent hike for those in wheelchairs, with strollers, or with limited mobility or stamina. The Lions Eye Trail, in particular, is designed for those visitors with visual impairments. This trail features a cable handrail and interpretive signs written in regular text and braille. It’s also wheelchair accessible. 

You’ll reach the first viewpoint at the base of Anna Ruby Falls in less than 0.5 miles. You can stop there or continue up the steep stair sections to the upper bridge and viewing area. It’s a breathtaking natural paradise, and the shaded environment makes it a wonderful waterfall hike on a hot summer day. The waterfalls may be the main reason you are here, but the surrounding lush forest is just as beautiful as the cascading falls. There’s a day-use fee of $5 per person aged 15 and older, and there are restrooms, picnic tables, drinking water, and more amenities onsite. 

Once you’re done viewing Anna Ruby Falls, you can continue your journey into Unicoi State Park via the Smith Creek Foot Trail. The 4.6-mile hike leaves the Anna Ruby Falls Trail near the upper bridge and leads to the campground in Unicoi Park.

More North Georgia waterfall hikes to enjoy this summer

More North Georgia Waterfall Hikes to Enjoy

As beautiful as Anna Ruby Falls is, we hope your waterfall hikes don’t stop there! There are several others worth exploring while you’re here – many of them don’t require much in the way of strenous hiking, which means you can enjoy more than one in a given day. There are some waterfalls that require a little more planning and effort to reach, but you definitely won’t be disappointed in those! Local waterfall hikes often wind through dense forests as they make their way to the falls themselves, leaving you admiring scenic beauty every step of the way.  

The farther into spring we get, the more dramatic and powerful these waterfalls will become. By summer, they offer a welcome respite from the heat, and in fall, they get even more stunning under the vibrant flow of North Georgia’s fall foliage. We hope you’re planning to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of the North Georgia Mountains this year. When you do, don’t miss out on these fantastic waterfall hikes in North Georgia.

  1. One of the most dramatic waterfall hikes in North Georgia is Amicalola Falls. It’s found at Amicalola Falls State Park and drops a breathtaking 729 feet, making it the third-highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River.
  2. Don’t miss the waterfalls at nearby Tallulah Gorge State Park. Tallulah Falls is a series of six cascading waterfalls that tumble through the gorge, but the area is also home to Hurricane Falls beneath the park’s dramatic suspension bridge. 
  3. If you’re hiking to Anna Ruby Falls, don’t miss another excellent waterfall hike in the Helen Area: Raven Cliff Falls. This hidden gem of a waterfall drops a beautiful 90 feet through a rocky outcropping. 
  4. Close to our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast, you’ll find another two-for-one waterfall hike on the Angel Falls Trail near Lake Rabun. The first you’ll encounter is Panther Falls, followed by Angel Falls. 
  5. If you’re looking for a waterfall hike that will stretch your legs, consider the Panther Creek Trail Waterfall. It’s a 7-mile round-trip hike, but the waterfall is worth the effort. 
  6. For a quick and easy waterfall hike in North Georgia, head to Dick’s Creek Falls on the banks of the Chattooga River.
  7. Another great choice for those with limited time or mobility is Minnehaha Falls. The trail here is also relatively easy, just under 1/2 mile.
  8. Finally, don’t miss Hemlock Falls along the Moccasin Creek Trail. As a bonus, you can enjoy other cascades as you hike to the main attraction.

It won’t matter where you go – each of these waterfall hikes will leave you in awe and fully immersed in the natural beauty the North Georgia Mountains are known for. It’s all at your fingertips when you stay at our romantic bed and breakfast in North Georgia. It’s time you experienced why we’re one of the most popular romantic getaways in Georgia. Book your room today!