Best Coffee Near Helen, Georgia: Four Fantastic Spots to Enjoy a Cup of Joe

Interviews, lengthy study sessions, casual dates – the coffee shop is a prime location for any of a number of meetings. However, the best local coffee shops, find their worth not in their seating, but instead, the quality of their beverages. Following suit with the region’s renowned food and beer culture, the best coffee near Helen, Georgia, is sure to wow you. Locally roasted beans, patiently prepared pour-overs and welcoming atmospheres are just a few of the things native to the North Georgia coffee scene. A trip to any of these local coffee shops will cure your chain store, over-roasted coffee addiction.

Where to Find the Best Coffee Near Helen, Georgia

Jumpin Goat Coffee Roasters

If you’re in search of the best coffee near Helen, Georgia, you’re in luck because Jumpin Goat Coffee Roasters offers more than just great coffee. Jumpin Goat is more than a local coffee spot. The shop offers a variety of roasts and flavors, along with cocoa, tea, candy, honey, and more! With two locations in North Georgia, it’s easy to pop in and find your new favorite roast. 

The Mason Jar Coffee & Gelato 

A tour of North Georgia coffee shops isn’t complete without a visit to The Mason Jar Coffee & Gelato. This local favorite is the perfect place to stop in when you need your afternoon caffeine fix and delicious gelato for the kids! Both of these fantastic offerings are locally made, so you can enjoy the true taste of North Georgia’s best offerings.  

Yonah Coffee & Café  

Yonah Coffee & Café isn’t just a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, but a solid local dining option as well. Serving breakfast, soups, salads, sandwiches, and more, you might forget that you stopped in for coffee. Don’t let it slip your mind, because their coffee alone is worth the trip 

Award-Winning Accommodations in the North Georgia Mountains

Queen Room

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