Enjoy the View at Black Rock Mountain State Park

The North Georgia Mountains are full of beautiful places to see.  The wooded mountainsides that surround us here at Glen-Ella Springs offer picturesque views and prime opportunities for outdoor adventures.  Whether you like hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, fishing, or boating, our neck of the woods has something to satisfy all outdoor lovers.  One of the many locations to visit to enjoy the natural wonders of our area is Black Rock Mountain State Park.  Located in Rabun County, Black Rock Mountain State Park covers a vast area just west of Mountain City, GA, only 30 miles away from our Clarkesville Inn. For outdoor fun and fantastic views of the area, check out Black Rock Mountain State Park.

About Black Rock Mountain State Park

Black Rock Mountain State Park in Rabun County spans 1,743 acres of the North Georgia Mountains.  The park includes some of the most scenic spans of the Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and is home to five mountain peaks over 3,000 feet high, including Black Rock Mountain, where the park gets its name. The park is a popular place for visitors and includes the picturesque Black Rock Lake, which was open for boating in 2010.  Trails, picnic areas, boating, fishing, and a visitor center all draw people to the park.  However, the most notable thing about Black Rock Mountain State Park are the outstanding views from the mountain peaks.  On clear days you can see the surrounding states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee from many overlooks.

Black Rock Mountain State Park Activities

The most popular activities in Black Rock Mountain State Park are hiking and biking.  There are eleven miles of trails at Black Rock Mountain State Park. The trails vary in length in difficulty, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs.  The most strenuous trail is the James E. Edmond Trail which is a 7.2 mile loop with many steep passages up the mountain through wooded areas and along streams. For another difficult hike that is shorter in distance, the quarter mile long  Ada-hi Falls Trail gives visitors the opportunity to explore the Appalachian cove environment. The Tennessee Rock Trail is a moderately difficult trail with a 2.2 mile loop which is the park’s most popular trail, as it provides stunning views on clear days. The Black Rock Lake Trail is a less than one mile (.85 to be precise) that is good for an easy hike over wooden bridges, beside streams, and groves of white pine and yellow poplar trees.  The easiest trail is the .10 mile Norma Campbell Cove Trail, which is a scenic trail recently added to the park.


Hiking the trails gives photographers and wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to capture the perfect image or catch a glimpse of native fauna.  The lake provides opportunities for fishing (bass, catfish, trout, bream, and perch) as ell as canoeing and kayaking, though rentals must be procured outside of the park.


Where to Stay After a Visit to Black Rock Mountain State Park

When you plan a trip to Black Rock Mountain State Park, a stay at Glen-Ella Springs will complete your North Georgia Mountain experience! Our gorgeous rooms perfectly compliment the rustic surroundings without sacrificing the modern amenities and comforts you deserve. There are sixteen rooms in four rooms types: Penthouse Suites, Three Room Suites, King Rooms, and Queen Rooms. Each one is individually decorated in a comfortable yet elegant style, however they all will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed during your stay.  Plus, we have one of the best Restaurants in the North Georgia Mountains, so you can enjoy fine dining right on the property.  We strive to provide our guests with a memorable experience and can’t wait to share one with you soon!

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