Don’t Miss Your Chance to Visit Mark of the Potter

Nestled in Clarksville, GA, since 1969 is a quaint little pottery shop on the creekside site of the old Grandpa Watts Gristmill. Mark of the Potter is the oldest craft shop in the area to be located at its original site and has four in-house potters that create stoneware featuring their individual insignias. Mark of the Potter also buys from around 25 other artists in the area to provide a wide range of shapes and styles. Not just a pottery haven, Mark of the Potter also boasts a waterfall view and porch from which to feed the trout. So whether shopping for a memento or exploring nature, Mark of the Potter is the right place to visit.

Meet the Artists at Mark of the Potter

The four in-house artists at Mark of the Potter are Matt Henderson, Ester Lipscomb, Mary Towers Weese, and Betsy Ledbetter. Henderson has over 35 years of experience making pottery and teaching university classes. At Mark of the Potter, he is a lead potter and kiln master, conducting demonstrations on weekends. Lipscomb was a student of Henderson’s at North Georgia College and State University.

She traveled while learning more about the trade before returning to Georgia and working at Mark of the Potter. Weese is not only a potter but also a needlepoint designer. She specializes in hand-built pottery, constructed much more freely compared to typical wheel-made pieces. Ledbetter started her journey at a beginner’s class at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, SC. Her passion grew and she worked under several artists before settling in at Mark of the Potter.

Find the Perfect Piece of Pottery

Mark of the Potter houses a variety of pottery crafted by its bevy of artists, featuring different styles, glazes, textures, and shapes. With so many options available, the best one-of-a-kind gift or souvenir is bound to be waiting. The inventory is always shifting, but some key pieces remain the same.

Ceramic mugs are popular gifts, ranging from tall, handled glasses to short, round cups. Each features unique shaping and painting, many with muted color palettes and earthy textures. Bowls, plates, and jars are also popular, all food-safe and microwave-safe, with many also dishwasher-safe. Handbuilt vases, oil lamps, soap dispensers, and jars with sculpted faces are also great pieces to add to your décor.

Explore the Area of Clarksville, GA

When you stop in at Mark of the Potter, be sure to check out the surrounding sites of Clarksville. For a place to stay, the Glen-Ella Springs Inn provides 16 rooms and an award-winning onsite restaurant. Upscale rustic charm abounds in the area’s highly recommended bed and breakfast.

An outdoor activity you can enjoy before settling in for the night is fly fishing on the Blackhawk Trophy Trout Stream. Nibbles await along two miles of fresh spring water. Georgia wineries abound if you’re looking for a calmer way to relax. Sip some locally crafted merlots or pinots while taking in spectacular mountain landscape views. Then, head back to a delicious dinner and night of rest at Glen-Ella Springs Inn before your next Clarksville escapade.