The Full Guide to Help You Decide the Best Time to Visit the Georgia Mountains

The Georgia mountains are stunning at any time of year and offer a variety of indulgences for the adventurous spirit, as well as opportunities to find peace and quiet. Although, there are some advantages to coming at certain times of the year that you’ll want to be aware of. Instead of guessing, we’re here to help you decide the best time to visit the Georgia mountains for your getaway.

How to Decide the Best Time to Visit the Georgia Mountains 


Spring is a beautiful time to visit our nook of Georgia. Trees and flowers are beginning to bloom as the weather warms, and everyone is eager to spend time outside once again after the chilly winter. One of our favorite things to indulge in this time of year is hiking in North Georgia. There’s a myriad of hiking trails, state parks, and waterfalls to explore nearby while enjoying the comfortable spring temperatures. You can easily spend all day outdoors to soak up the fresh, mountain air.  


Although summer temperatures stay relatively cool because of the surrounding mountains, temperatures often reach the mid-80s in the hottest months. You may find yourself searching for activities that allow you to cool off while still enjoying the outdoors. Kayaking and rafting in North Georgia are popular summer activities that allow you to take advantage of the nearby lakes and rivers. A quick dip will make you feel refreshed and ready to keep exploring! If you’re looking for an alternate way to stay cool, head to Yonah Mountain Winery for a chilled glass or two of chardonnay. 


Fall in the Georgia mountains is a particularly special time of year. Not only because the temperatures cool down, but because the leaves start to turn bright colors of red, orange, and yellow. The sight is incredible and experiencing peak leave-changing season adds a unique element to your already-wonderful getaway. We recommend visiting some of the nearby state parks to really get out in nature and experience the phenomena in the heart of it. Plus, apple picking is a local favorite activity this time of year that people of all ages can enjoy! 


Perhaps one of our most beloved winter activities in Georgia is visiting the nearby Bavarian village of Helen, GA. With the possibility of snow on the ground, you can walk the charming cobblestone streets and enjoy authentic German brews, architecture, and brats. If you’re feeling the need to escape the chilly weather, pop inside some of the shops in downtown Clarkesville for an easy escape. Even on the coldest winter days, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as curling up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book.  

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