Stunning Waterfalls to See in North Georgia

So much of the country is mired in cold weather, and though it may be a little milder here in North Georgia than in many other locales, it still feels as though there’s a long way to go until spring. While it may not feel like it, spring isn’t too far away, and with it, a new opportunity to explore gorgeous waterfalls in North Georgia like Toccoa Falls. 

The North Georgia Mountains are truly a four-season getaway, filled with fantastic opportunities for year-round adventure, including hiking, biking, wine tasting, and more. Guests at our Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia are conveniently located near many of the top things to do in North Georgia, too, including coveted destinations like Tallulah Gorge

Glen-Ella Springs is near some of the best waterfalls in North Georgia, too, including the famed Toccoa Falls. If you’re looking for an adventurous destination filled with fun – not to mention plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind – there’s nothing better than our refined Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia. Book your getaway today, and enjoy the best of the North Georgia Mountains with us!

Toccoa Falls, one of the best waterfalls in North Georgia

See the Stunning Drop of Toccoa Falls This Spring

It doesn’t matter how many waterfalls you’ve seen in your life – they are always beautiful and impressive. That’s just as true for Toccoa Falls, one of the tallest freestanding waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. Though the waterfall is gorgeous and worth marveling at, one of the most interesting things about this North Georgia waterfall is its location!

Toccoa Falls is found on the campus of Toccoa Falls College. What a great place to take breaks in between classes – lucky students! Aside from its impressive 186-foot drop from towering cliffs into a gorgeous gorge, one of the best things about Toccoa Falls is how easily accessible it is. You’ll reach the falls by walking down a short, flat gravel pathway. 

If 186 feet doesn’t sound like an impressive drop, you might change your mind when you hear that Toccoa Falls is taller than Niagara Falls. It’s 19 feet taller, to be precise. It’s really one of the more impressive waterfalls in North Georgia. Surprisingly (given its more urban location), the trail to Toccoa Falls is quite serene and a very popular place for quiet activities like birdwatching. It’s also a lovely place to enjoy a casual picnic on a warm summer or fall day. 

Though Toccoa Falls is on privately owned property, visiting the falls is open to the public for a nominal $2 fee. There are visiting hours, though, which typically run from 10 am – 4 pm during the week and 12 pm – 4 pm on weekends. The hours are subject to change on holidays and as needed by the college, though, so it’s always good to check before you go.  

Twin Cascades of Anna Ruby Falls, one of the best waterfalls in North Georgia

10 More Gorgeous Waterfalls in North Georgia

Toccoa Falls is beautiful, but it’s just one of the many waterfalls in North Georgia worth seeing. As a bonus, as you travel around the area chasing waterfalls, you’ll also encounter some of the best scenery in the North Georgia Mountains, not to mention have an opportunity to visit charming mountain towns along the way.

Right now, many of the waterfalls are at their lowest of the year – but as the snowpack in the mountains begins to melt off this spring, these waterfalls in North Georgia will once again come roaring to life. Some of these waterfalls in North Georgia are located just off major roads and are easily accessible. Others require more of a hike, but all are worth the effort.

Below, we’ve listed eight of our favorite nearby waterfalls, but these are just the beginning of your adventure in the North Georgia Mountains!

  1. Of all the great things to do in North Georgia, one thing we always put on the list for our guests is visiting Tallulah Gorge State Park. There, you’ll find the fantastic Tallulah Falls, a series of six cascading waterfalls tumbling through the scenic 1,000-foot-deep gorge. The best view is from the suspension bridge over the gorge.
  2. The twin cascades of Anna Ruby Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls in North Georgia. These 150-foot twin waterfalls in North Georgia are located near Helen and are relatively easy to access at the end of a 1/2-mile trail.
  3. Another great waterfall near us is Minnehaha Falls. The trail here is also quite easy, coming in at just under 1/2 mile, making it one of the most popular waterfalls in North Georgia for families.
  4. The two-mile jaunt to Hemlock Falls is more than worth your time. This gorgeous gem of a waterfall is found along the Moccasin Creek Trail. As a bonus, there are other cascades to enjoy as you hike to the main attraction.
  5. About an hour from our Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia, you’ll find the beautiful DeSoto Falls. This beautiful waterfall is in the Chattahoochee National Forest and is reached via a moderate two-mile hike.
  6. If you’re looking for a longer hike that includes waterfalls in North Georgia, consider Raven Cliff Falls, which drops a beautiful 90 feet through a rocky outcropping. This spot is near Helen, accessed via a 5-mile hike, and is easily one of the most scenic waterfalls in North Georgia.
  7. For a slightly less strenuous option in the area, head to Duke’s Creek Falls. The hike to this waterfall is around two miles round trip, and there are large platforms for easy viewing of the falls.
  8. Get a two-for-0ne waterfall experience when you hike the Angel Falls Trail near Lake Rabun. The first you’ll encounter is Panther Falls, followed by Angel Falls. It’s about a two-mile hike and is considered moderate to challenging, with tricky footing and rocky sections.
  9. Don’t confuse Panther Falls with the Panther Creek Trail Waterfall, though – another fantastic choice among waterfalls in North Georgia. This is one of the longer waterfall hikes in North Georgia, coming in at 7 miles round trip. The hike through the forest and the rewarding waterfall views at the end make it more than worth the effort, though!
  10. Unlike Panther Creek Waterfall, Dick’s Creek Falls is considered relatively short and easy. It’s found on the banks of the Chattooga River and is a great way to round out your experience with waterfalls in North Georgia.

From Toccoa Falls to Anna Ruby Falls, we have no doubt you will fall in love with these incredible waterfalls in North Georgia. These are, of course, just a small part of all the adventures awaiting you in this beautiful part of the state. Get ready for a memorable year, and book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia today!

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