Why Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA, Has the Best High-Speed Fun

Did you know that Glen-Ella Springs Inn is surrounded by some of the best thrills in the country? Our Blue Ridge skyline is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing escape or a one-of-a-kind adventure! Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA, is a private airstrip that is sure to satisfy your love of speed. It’s your turn to discover how this hidden gem of North Georgia can awaken the thrillseeker in you!

A vacation in North Georgia is the perfect balance of excitement and tranquility. There are so many great activities here, so why would you choose to stay anywhere else?

Why Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA, Has the Best High-Speed Fun

About Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA

Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA, is a private airport and housing community just 30 minutes away from Glen-Ella Springs Inn. Behind the gates to Heaven’s Landing are 635 acres of National Forest and a 5,000-foot paved runway with pilot-controlled lighting. It’s a hub for North Georgia’s private aircraft owners and fun community events like the Heaven’s Landing Airshow! Contact the community’s staff for more information about upcoming Heaven’s Landing events, guest entry, and more.

Heaven’s Landing Clayton, GA, Aviation

Imagine yourself in the middle of a scenic mountain valley, surrounded by towering blue peaks. Now imagine planes — both large and small — coming and going just above your head! Their pilots must meticulously navigate their aircraft into the valley and you get to witness their landing up close. That‚Äôs the experience of plane-watching at Heaven‚Äôs Landing Clayton, GA! Pilots can even stop at the airstrip for gas, so there‚Äôs always an interesting aircraft overhead. The area surrounding Heaven‚Äôs Landing Clayton, GA, is also great for horseback riding, hiking, and biking, so spending an entire day here is easy.

The ¬Ĺ Mile Shootout at Heaven‚Äôs Landing Clayton, GA

One of the most famous events held on this runway is the Heaven‚Äôs Landing ¬Ĺ Mile Shootout. Ideal for car enthusiasts and lovers of all things fast, the ¬Ĺ Mile Shootout is a series of top-speed sports car races. Any sports car or motorcycle owner can enter their vehicle in the Heaven‚Äôs Landing race and compete for speed against other vehicles in ¬Ĺ mile bursts. Spectators of Heaven‚Äôs Landing racing have a great time, too! Whether you dream of sports cars or just love watching high-thrill events, you and yours are sure to have a blast. For a full weekend pass to the ¬Ĺ Mile Shootout, adults cost $35 each and children cost $20 each. Single day tickets cost $20 for adults and $10 for children.

After a Day of Thrills, Come Back and Unwind at Glen-Ella Springs Inn

A day of loud fun is a great way to spend a day here, but dedicating time to unplugging and relaxing is even more important to the North Georgia experience. When you come back to Glen-Ella Springs Inn after a tiring day, your stress immediately melts away. Sirens, car horns, and traffic noise are replaced with singing birds, rustling tree branches, and the sounds of crickets. Enjoy sitting by a wood fire pit in our 12-acre meadow, far from city lights, where nights are magical with a huge display of stars. What more could you want?


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