Experience a Day at Buck Shoals State Park

One of North Georgia’s most tucked away treasures is the Buck Shoals State Park. Located just north of the fork in the Chattahoochee River where the Soque River breaks east, you’ll find this nook of forested paradise. Hugged by the Hoochee, the Buck Shoals State Park access is a little off the beaten path, making it a truly uninhabited and wild patch in the North Georgia mountains. In the year 2000, this 582-acre plot of land was purchased by the state to protect¬†it from being developed. However, the state never found the funds to turn into a full state park, which has kept it a particularly quiet destination¬†with a few hike-in campsites along the river.

This is a dream for all those serious outdoors types looking for a real backwoods adventure. If you’re staying with us here at the lovely Glen-Ella Springs Inn,¬†we encourage you to trek out for a nice walk in the woods, a bike ride, or a mosey down the river to take in this¬†beautiful land.

Things to Do in the Buck Shoals State Park

For those less adventurous types who similarly like to breathe the fresh air and behold the mountainous beauty, Buck Shoals is open throughout the year for special events. There are often guided hiking tours led by a state parks naturalist, which you can learn about on the Georgia State Parks website. The autumn is typically a time when the park’s road access is opened for a day of youth fishing. The park has a few small lakes that are stocked with bass, bream and catfish, and the kids can take home whatever they catch that is within the limit. This is are some great and rare opportunities to get out and see this land by the convenience of your vehicle.

If you’re traveling to North Georgia with bicycles, you could easily take a ride into and around the park. If you’re coming for a visit with a river canoe or kayak, you could¬†paddle to fishing holes within the park limits. Traveling by water¬†offers a very unique perspective of this lush country haven. Along¬†the river¬†you’ll find¬†a nice mix of intermediate rapids and a lazy water, giving you many opportune spots to throw your flies for Buck Shoals State Park fishing. This is one of the most simultaneously accessible and peaceful spots in the whole state and will be a real treat to fish.

If you are among the many people who flock to the North Georgia mountains to take refuge from the big city and take care of that itch for some natural beauty, the you definitely want to check out the Buck Shoals State Park. Whether by foot or boat this park is a peaceful sanctuary where bird watchers and fishermen alike will find what they’re looking for. This is a favorite spot among guests at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn who head out to the wilds after one of our famous breakfasts, and return at the end of a long day for a warm meal at out acclaimed restaurant.