Exceptional Trout Fishing in the North Georgia Mountains

If you enjoy the quiet lure of trout fishing, you’ll want to experience the best of North Georgia fly fishing this year. Trout season in Georgia is pretty long, with opportunities for North Georgia fly fishing available most months of the year. Not only that, but the North Georgia Mountains are home to some of the best trout fishing in the country. 

In fact, the nearby town of Clarkesville is considered one of the headquarters for North Georgia fly fishing, with fantastic access to highly-rated trout streams and plenty of local outfitters to help you make the most of your fly fishing adventure. Though trout season in Georgia is long, typically extending from March through October, it’s best in the cooler months when water temperatures are most conducive to trout activity. The cold waters found along the Soque, Toccoa, and Chattooga Rivers all provide exceptional trout habitat and boast healthy populations of rainbow and brown trout. 

Of course, the North Georgia Mountains offer so much more than great opportunities for fly fishing. Take advantage of all the outdoor pursuits available here, and turn your North Georgia fly fishing adventure into a memorable vacation by staying with us at our top-rated Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia. We offer a cozy and comfortable retreat after a day on the river and a hearty dose of Southern hospitality. We even provide one of the best restaurants in the area, so once you’re off your feet for the day, you won’t have to go far to refuel with an exceptional meal. 

That goes for breakfast, too, which is served fresh daily in our restaurant and included in the cost of your stay. Our Inn is well-located in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains, offering easy access to everything this incredible region offers. From North Georgia fly fishing to days spent hiking and wine tasting, you’ll want for nothing during your time with us. Book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia today! 

Many enjoying some North Georgia fly fishing during Trout Season in Georgia

The Best Places for North Georgia Fly Fishing

Though there are plenty of places to launch an unforgettable North Georgia fly fishing adventure, the Soque River, right here in Clarkesville near our Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia, is one of the best. This is particularly true for anglers looking to reel in a trophy catch, as the Soque River is well-regarded for its trophy-size population of brown and rainbow trout. 

Many of the top North Georgia fly fishing rivers are stocked by the state – often between October and May. This includes popular sections of the heavily fished Toccoa and Chattooga Rivers. Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources maintains a list of which rivers and creeks they stock and how often they do so – so you can keep an eye on when might be the best time to embark on your North Georgia fly fishing adventure. 

If you’re searching for trophy-sized trout, one of the best places to go is the Soque River. This North Georgia fly fishing paradise also happens to be the closest spot near our Bed and breakfast. For years, this small river – which at times is much more of a creek – was something of a locals-only secret. While fishing on neighboring rivers like the Toccoa and Chattooga stays busy, North Georgia fly fishing on the Soquee remains quieter and most certainly sought after among anglers. 

Unlike a lot of trout fishing around the country, you’ll find that much of the property bordering the Soque River is private. That’s a great thing, too, as these landowners have been pivotal in preventing erosion and degradation of the Soque River ecosystem, thus preserving it as a prized North Georgia fly fishing destination. But, because much of this land is private, the best fishing here requires partnering with a local outfitter. We recommend Fern Valley on the Soque and Blackhawk Fly Fishing.  

Fly fishing along the Soquee River is also limited, which means that even though this river is stocked, it feels like something more akin to a wild-habitat river. The result is a challenging and thrilling North Georgia fly fishing adventure! 

Holding a rainbow trout during Trout Season in Georgia - find the best North Georgia Fly fishing

When is Trout Season in Georgia?

Whether you take a guided trip on the Soque River or strike out on your own North Georgia fly-fishing adventure on the Toccoaa, Chattooga, or other smaller streams, you won’t have to go far from our Bed and Breakfast to enjoy some of the best trout fishing around. Moreover, trout season in Georgia is one of the longest in the country, running from March through October. 

More than 100,000 trout fishing licenses are sold yearly – a testament to the long season and the high-quality waters around the state! Though trout season in Georgia is long, there are certainly times that offer better opportunities than others. As we mentioned above, the quality of fishing along any particular stream or river depends on how heavily and how often it is stocked, as well as the general fishing pressure. The combination of these factors makes the Soque River a prized destination among anglers. 

There are at least one million brown and rainbow trout stocked each year, and it’s done in stages from March through mid-September as needed, as well as in the off-season to replenish local populations. For optimal survival, trout thrive in cold waters. So, the cooler months of early spring and late fall afford anglers the best trout season in Georgia. Winter can be a bit more challenging to get trout to bite, and you may find that some local rivers are too heavily fished in the summer. That said, there’s no “bad” time to enjoy some North Georgia fly fishing. 

You’ll first need a license to take advantage of trout season in Georgia. Everyone sixteen and older needs one. Specifically, you’ll need to ensure you have a trout license – not just a basic fishing license. You can pick up your fishing license at local outfitters or purchase one online

Of course, we recommend you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy trout season in Georgia – perhaps even planning more than one trip to these unforgettable waters! For all your lodging and dining needs while visiting the North Georgia Mountains, turn to our exquisite Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia. Book your fly fishing adventure today! 

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