Tourist Attractions in Georgia (Northeast)

Georgia is well known for its distinctive wineries, majestic mountains, rich culture and more! Of course, along with its refined restaurants, eclectic shops, and sweeping vistas you’ll find various tourist attractions that are famous (or infamous) on their own. While all of us at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn understand that these tourist destinations in Georgia are probably not the primary reason you’ve ambled your way to the North Georgia Mountains, they do hold their own interest and intrigue. Here are four tourist attractions that you might find interesting in and around Clarkeville, Georgia.

  1. Dukes Creek Gold and Ruby Mines – Whether or not you are traveling with kids doesn’t have to dictate how you choose to spend your time. Why not try your hand at some local low-key fun. Historically, Dukes Creek is important as it is the home of America’s first gold rush in 1828. Today, people come to Dukes Creek and pay per bucket. Dukes guarantees a certain amount of gems, rubies, fossils, or gold in each bucket. Come use their panning tables and see if you strike it rich.
  2. The Burton Gallery – For fine folk art, stunning jewelry, gorgeous pottery, and original paintings, the Burton Gallery right here in Clarkesville is the perfect place to find a unique memento or distinctive gift from your trip to the North Georgia Mountains! While this quaint little gallery may be listed as one of the main tourist attractions in Georgia, don’t be fooled. This homespun, Appalachian shop offers the very best art from this part of our country.
  3. Loudermilk Boarding House and The Everything Elvis Museum – Although we are a good distance from Elvis’ famous home in Memphis, TN, we do have our own Elvis homage in Cornelia, GA. The boardinghouse is on the National Register of Historic Places was built in 1908. The Everything Elvis Museum is located on the boardinghouse’s third floor and is the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The Museum will host the “Big E” festival on Saturday, August 2nd this year.
  4. Hickory Flat Pottery – This eclectic shop isn’t only one of the top tourist attractions in Georgia, but it is also still a working pottery studio. The owner and her resident potter continuously mold and shape their clay and skills into some of the finest pottery in Georgia! Be sure to stop by this incredible shop while staying with us at Glen-Ella Springs Inn.

There are so many things to do and see in and around Clarkesville, Georga! Dukes Creek Gold and Ruby Mines, The Burton Gallery, Loudermilk Boardinghouse and The Everything Elvis Museum, and Hickory Flat Pottery are just four suggestions for some “touristy” activities around our Inn. Be sure to search Glen-Ella Springs Inn’s website, look at our available rooms, peruse our special packages, and plan your North Georgia Mountain getaway today! Our lush linens, finely appointed rooms, dedicated service, and delicious farm-to-table meals are all here… ready and awaiting your arrival.