Weekend Getaways from Atlanta Are Best Spent in Tranquility


After a week of long commutes and Atlanta traffic, there’s no better way to recuperate than heading to the North Georgia mountains to unwind. Sometimes you need to get away from everyday life to relax – away from your to-do lists and the temptation of social events. When that moment hits keep Glen-Ella Springs Inn at the top of your mind for the perfect place to pursue your weekend getaways from Atlanta. The pastoral setting will put you at ease as you breathe in the mountain fresh air and enjoy sounds other than car horns and sirens.

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The Inn

This seventeen-acre country estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia is in the small town of Clarkesville. Upon arriving, you’re sure to notice the gorgeous gardens encircling the historic Inn, which dates back over a century. The gardens are the mastery of local Marilla Martin who has been their steward for over fourteen years. They are a masterpiece, attracting many birds and bees that are a delight to watch when you’re relaxing in this serene atmosphere.

The private pool, perfect for some morning exercise or sitting alongside a good book in the afternoon sun, is a great vantage to observe the quiet life of the garden. Something about weekend getaways from Atlanta prompts our guests to stop and notice the tiniest details of life, be it an inchworm or a hummingbird. The twelve-acre meadow beyond the gardens is ideal for leisurely country walks where you are surrounded by forested mountains and all the beautiful intricacies of this Appalachian landscape.

The Glen-Ella Springs Restaurant is an award-winning establishment known for being the best gourmet food in North Georgia. Aside from the delectable breakfast included in the price of your room, you can look forward to enjoying all your meals on site, leaving you with very few reasons to leave this peaceful haven.

Explore the Outdoors

If you are looking for more than a simple weekend with a good book, a country estate to explore and the best food in North Georgia, then check out some of the great hiking trails around, and maybe get the gall to paddle one of the epic rivers around. You’ll have no problem leaving the city stress behind both serene activities once you’re romping through the countryside without another soul in sight.

Hit the Stores

The shopping in the area is another great way to unwind, as it won’t be your typical busy outlet mall scenario with everyone rushing around for the latest deals, but more of a lazy walk down Main Street, popping in and out of country markets and antique stores. Visitors love to explore Clarkesville and the surrounding small towns, and their eclectic local businesses.


As far as weekend getaways from Atlanta go, you won’t find a place more suitable than Glen-Ella Springs if you’re looking for the perfect place to shrug off that city swagger and step into your country skin. Book your rooms for the perfect retreat to the North Georgian Mountains. It probably won’t be your last visit.