Gear Up for Hiking in North Georgia

The winter season in North Georgia is perfect for outdoor activities. On a nice sunny day the weather is perfect to tackle some of those more arduous hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The crisp air and the warm sun will really set the tone for the perfect trek along any of the favorite trails for hiking in North Georgia. Take advantage of these cooler months to wind your way past moss-covered boulders and trout streams. If you’ve done some hiking in North Georgia before, you know this is an opportunity worth grasping.

There are numerous trails to hike in the area, which vary in difficulty, length and scenery. In the midst of the mountains with bubbling streams and rivers throughout, the North Georgia paths are known for beautiful waterfalls and epic panoramas, among other breathtaking views. Here are a few trails worth hiking in North Georgia.

  1. The Appalachian Trail, the famous north-to-south backpackers dream, runs right through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trail from Woody Gap to Big Cedar Mountain is a longer local favorite and covers 11.6 miles of diverse terrain along the Appalachian. You’ll traverse a wooded ridgeline to the granite summit of Big Cedar for spectacular views of the region. Then you’ll continue north through Jarrard Gap, which is known for its wildflowers, and end up near Lake Winfield Scott.
  2. Panther Creek Falls is a shorter hike ending up at one of the most beautiful falls in Georgia. You will hike upstream for 3.5 miles to reach the gorgeous cascading falls that spill out into a deep pool bordered by a sandy beach. This is a popular spot for both hiking and camping.
  3. Another favorite waterfall in the area is Raven Cliff Falls. These unique falls drop 400 feet down through Raven Cliff, dividing the giant rock face in two before cascading into smaller falls below. This is a 5 mile, out-and-back hike along the stream through a mossy forest filled with wildflowers.
  4. Edmonds Backcountry Trail at Black Rock Mountain State Park is a high elevation hike over multiple summits. At 6.25 miles in length, this loop meanders through steeply rising and falling mountains, and is the most expert hike in Georgia’s highest elevation State Park. The landscape is diverse featuring multiple waterfalls along the way, as well as summit views from different peaks.

Make sure you’re prepared before you head out hiking in North Georgia. Always take the appropriate safety gear, water, food and lots of layers for these cooler months. If you need to pick up a few things to prepare yourself head to Smokey Mountain Trader in Cleveland, GA to get any last-minute provisions. Another outdoorsman’s dream is the historic Mountain Crossings, which lives in a building that was completed in 1937 – the same year the Appalachian trail was finished – by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

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