Weekend Getaways from Atlanta Are Best Spent in Tranquility

Weekend Getaways from Atlanta Are Best Spent in Tranquility 1

After a week of long commutes and Atlanta traffic, there’s no better way to recuperate than heading to the North Georgia mountains to unwind. Sometimes you need to get away from everyday life to relax – away from your to-do lists and the temptation of social events. When that moment hits keep Glen-Ella Springs Inn […]

Experience Business and Nature in North Georgia’s Best Meeting Space

A meeting room inside with sunlight coming through the windows

North Georgia provides a unique blend of small-town charm, stunning landscapes, and modern amenities, perfect for those looking to plan a business retreat or a corporate event. And there’s no better place to do so than at Glen-Ella Springs, with our spacious meeting space and peaceful accommodations. Keep reading for the best reasons to plan […]

The Benefits of Working Remotely in North Georgia

Woman working remotely on a laptop outdoors

If you work from home you know the horrors of working remotely in and out. Whether it is waking up to the same scenery, lack of things to do, or the distractions that come with being home, it can sometimes be counter-productive. Recharge yourself in nature when you plan a trip to work remotely in […]

How to Have a Great Getaway from Jacksonville, Florida, to North Georgia

How to Have a Great Getaway from Jacksonville, Florida, to North Georgia 2

Do you have that need-to-travel feeling? We have just the solution. Break away from the city‚Äôs everyday hustle and bustle and escape to the quiet mountainside town of Clarkesville, GA! Located just a few hours from Jacksonville (by car or plane!), our small town offers the perfect getaway for anyone in need of relaxation. With […]

The Blue Ridge Is One of the Best Mountain Getaways from Orlando


There are plenty of fantastic destinations to explore from Orlando, FL, but sometimes your soul craves the crisp mountain air and the pure beauty that only the Blue Ridge Mountains can deliver. Indulge in a private, romantic getaway to Clarkesville, GA, where you‚Äôll find¬†amazing hiking trails, outdoor activities, and even delicious food! Whether you choose […]

The Full Guide to Help You Decide the Best Time to Visit the Georgia Mountains

The Full Guide to Help You Decide the Best Time to Visit the Georgia Mountains 3

The Georgia mountains are stunning at any time of year and offer a variety of indulgences for the adventurous spirit, as well as opportunities to find peace and quiet. Although, there are some advantages to coming at certain times of the year that you‚Äôll want to be aware of. Instead of guessing, we‚Äôre here to […]

This Is the Best Road Trip from Birmingham, AL


Sometimes the only thing that can remedy the stress of everyday life is a relaxing getaway to the mountains, especially to North Georgia! There‚Äôs no better place to unwind and appreciate¬†a beautiful atmosphere.¬†Break your regular routine and take a much-needed¬†road trip from Birmingham, AL¬†to the Blue Ridge mountains. Whether you‚Äôre indulging in a romantic¬†getaway, a […]

3 Reasons Why This Is One of the Best Blue Ridge Mountain Getaways

Exterior aerial view of Glen-Ella Springs Inn

So, you want to plan a quick getaway to the mountains? The Blue Ridge is always an excellent option, but there’s a lot that goes into curating the perfect escape that’s both enjoyable and relaxing. Luckily, we’ve thought of everything, and we can tell you exactly why Glen-Ella Springs Inn is one of the best¬†Blue […]

Why This Historic Inn Is the Best Place to Stay in North Georgia

the beautiful exterior of Glen-Ella Springs, one of the reasons why it's the best place to stay in North Georgia

Whether you’re interested in a couple’s getaway or a relaxing escape for the whole family, our bed and breakfast snuggled into the Blue Ridge offers an experience like no other! Here’s why Glen-Ella Springs Inn is the best place to stay in North Georgia. 4 Reasons Why Glen Ella Springs Is the Best Place to […]

What Are the Best Road Trips in Georgia?

Car driving on the highway surrounded by trees.

Road trips are a great option for getaways that are close to home.¬†This way, you can skip the hefty airline ticket prices, catch up on your favorite podcast, enjoy¬†the¬†beautiful scenery, and spend time with your fellow travelers. The drive alone is sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime! If you‚Äôre¬†from the Southeastern […]