Plan a Trip to Babyland General Hospital

A trip to the Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital is a magical excursion into a land of imagination for your little ones. Listed as one of the Travel Channel’s Top Ten Toylands, this secluded oasis full of wonder and fantastical stories will leave you feeling as though you’ve entered an alternate universe — the Cabbage Patch Kids’ universe.

Discover the Magic of Cabbage Patch Kids at Babyland General Hospital

The Babyland General Hospital was founded on an old story from the mountains about a boy named Xavier Roberts who was summoned into a cabbage patch by a bunnybee, only to find the Cabbage Patch Kids, who were all orphans. Xavier then set out to establish Babyland as a place where these kids could live and play until they were adopted into new homes by visitors.

Your own kids will love the whole story, and the setting to match it. They can witness the birth of a Cabbage Patch Kid, and hear the story from the nurses who care for them. With free admission you can take your kids on a tour and to enjoy the wonderful stories of these charming toys – which are all uniquely handmade.

Babyland General Hospital also hosts numerous events throughout the year such as tea parties and birthday parties. The next special event is happening on Valentines Day, where there will be a holiday craft, prize drawings, a candy goody bag and a costume character. Set in a Southern-style antebellum home in the mountains of Georgia, it sits on 650 acres and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, so it’s no surprise that it even hosts weddings celebrations and other events on their beautiful property.

Plan Your Trip to Babyland General Hospital

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