Get Out on the Lakes of North Georgia This summer!

If you’re looking to break free from the demands of modern life and surround yourself with the breathtaking natural beauty of northern Georgia, there’s never been a better time to plan your getaway than now. There are plenty of fantastic things to do in North Georgia, including visiting state parks like Tallulah Gorge, hiking the endless miles of trails, tasting your way through North Georgia wine country, chasing waterfalls, fishing legendary rivers and streams, exploring charming and artsy mountain towns, and otherwise unwinding free from busy crowds and hectic schedules. Some of the best lakes in Georgia also happen to be found up here, which offer perfect, tranquil places to relax, unwind, and admire the scenery. 

There are several fantastic lakes in Georgia, but Lake Rabun, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state, is just minutes from our Bed and Breakfast. The Crystal clear waters and gorgeous mountain backdrop of Lake Rabun and other fantastic North Georgia lakes offer the perfect backdrop for various activities, from the leisurely to the adventurous. As the weather warms up this spring, these lakes in Georgia will transform into a veritable playground for visitors and locals alike. 

Picture yourself gliding across the water in a kayak, spending a quiet afternoon on the lake waiting to reel in a satisfying catch, or exploring the vast array of hiking trails and picnic spots along the shorelines. There are plenty of things to do on Lake Rabun, not to mention these other memorable lakes in Georgia! Of course, to enjoy these waterways and the myriad other things to do in North Georgia this spring, summer, and fall, you’ll want to spend at least a few days here. There’s no better place to stay than our historic Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia. Book your stay with us today! 

Mountains and trees surrounding one of the prettiest lakes in Georgia

Visit One of the Best Lakes in Georgia This Summer

There is perhaps no more quintessential way to spend a warm summer’s day than out on the water on one of the many lakes in Georgia. The largest lake in the state, Lake Lanier, is just north of Atlanta and about an hour south of our Bed and Breakfast. It offers 700 miles of shoreline and is a haven for boating, fishing, and watersports. However, that’s just one of the several fantastic lakes in Georgia, including several right here in North Georgia. 

Lake Rabun is one of the most popular of the many lakes dotting the North Georgia landscape. It’s only about 20 minutes from our Inn and offers a range of fantastic things to do on or near the water. This lake offers something for everyone, with plenty of options for adventure and relaxation. The winding shoreline of Lake Rabun is picturesque, and its location farther out of the city makes it the ideal lake for boating, fishing, and swimming. 

Though the crystal clear waters of Lake Rabun are its biggest draw, there are also several trails, hikes, and parks around the lake to enjoy. It’s also located near some of the most charming mountain towns, where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and seasonal festivals and events. We’ll talk much more in detail about all the best things to do on Lake Rabun below. 

Like Lake Rabun, Lake Burton is just a short drive from our Inn. This scenic lake is also known for its clear waters and picturesque mountain backdrop and is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and water sports. With numerous coves and inlets, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking adventure and relaxation. 

One of the most scenic lakes in Georgia, Lake Blue Ridge, is about 90 minutes from our Inn. Though it’s a bit farther away, the lure of the stunningly clear blue waters is hard to beat. This mountain lake is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and is a prime spot for fishing – particularly for bass and trout! There are some great hiking trails in the surrounding areas and several scenic drives. Add this lake to your itinerary if you plan to visit during the fall, as the fall foliage here is simply spectacular. Nearby, you’ll find the town of Blue Ridge, known for its charming boutiques, galleries, and eateries, as well as the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Straddling the Georgia-North Carolina border, Lake Chatuge is renowned for its beauty and recreational offerings. Like other nearby lakes in Georgia, this one is around an hour from our Bed and Breakfast in the Hiawassee area and offers 132 miles of shoreline. This scenic mountain lake is a haven for boaters, anglers, and nature lovers. It is found in the same areas as the Brasstown Bald, so if you plan to be there doing some hiking, the lake is a perfect place to wind up—especially on a hot summer afternoon! 

Man kayaking and enjoying all the things to do on Lake Rabun, one of the best lakes in Georgia

6 Best Things to Do Near Lake Rabun, Georgia

One of our favorite lakes in Georgia also happens to be the closest to us! Lake Rabun was originally built by the Georgia Railway and Power Company in the early 1900s as one of six power-producing lakes in North Georgia. It was constructed in the vast depths of the Tallulah and Tugalo river valleys. The lake is still owned by the Georgia Power Company, and though it’s a public lake ideal for a wide variety of recreation, it still serves as a vital power source for the state and a water source for local communities. 

There are plenty of fun-filled things to do on Lake Rabun, and we’re lucky to have it so close by. The lake is an impressive 800+ acres, offering 25 miles of shoreline for public recreation. Like other public lakes in Georgia you’ll find boat marinas and public parks here, making this spot ideal for those seeking a blend of leisure and adventure. Unlike some of the larger lakes in Georgia, Lake Rabun offers a distinctive experience with its winding shape and scenic shoreline. Below, we’ve listed several of our favorite things to do on Lake Rabun.

  1. Explore the lake by boat. Whether you prefer the leisurely pace of a pontoon or the thrill of a speedboat, the lake’s numerous coves and inlets provide plenty of space to discover and enjoy at your own pace.
  2. Motorized boats aren’t the only way to get out on the water. One of our favorite things to do on Lake Rabun is to kayak or paddleboard – again, exploring the many nooks and crannies this winding shoreline offers. 
  3. Several award-winning rivers and streams in North Georgia are ideal for trout fishing, but Lake Rabun also has a well-deserved reputation for fishing. The lake has a variety of species, including bass, trout, and catfish.
  4. You don’t have to spend the entire day on the water to admire and enjoy Lake Rabun. The area is home to great hiking trails, offering an excellent way to stretch your legs and enjoy even more beautiful scenery. 
  5. There are several outstanding waterfalls in the area, but one of the best is Minehaha Falls. The waterfall cascades down the cliff before going down to the Lake Rabun shoreline.  
  6. Enjoy an afternoon swim at Lake Rabun Beach Recreation Area. This area has a great swimming beach and hiking trails, and it is easily one of the best things to do on Lake Rabun. 


Of course, with the sparkling waters of Lake Rabun being just minutes down the road, there’s no better place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the evening than our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast. Not only do we offer upscale, historic lodging, but we host one of the best restaurants in the state. We encourage you to spend your days seeking adventure at these and other lakes in Georgia, followed by a relaxed evening enjoying dinner at our Inn and a restful night of sleep. There’s truly no place like Glen-Ella Springs. Book your room with us today! 

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